book review

Thoughts on The Hill We Climb

1st May 2021

Gorman’s poem is an inspiring call to be the light the world needs. As the 2021 Presidential Inauguration was due to commence at the Capitol Building, the digital format could not subdue the palpability of a despairing hangover from an insurrection that had occurred just two weeks earlier. This inauguration was a crucial moment to ...

Review: Little Scratch by Rebecca Watson

5th April 2021

An enthralling debut that will have you turning one page after the other. This morning, turning so that my eyes levelled with the bedside table, I saw two things: my phone flashing and spluttering away as the alarm went off, and Rebecca Watson’s novel Little Scratch. These first moments of awakening are captured by Watson ...

What is the meaning of life?

5th December 2020

Bea Crawford’s review of Tuck Everlasting tackles our existential anxiety. hat is the meaning of life? Humans have spent thousands of years attempting to ascertain any shred of significance to the lives we lead, some sense of purpose. Often it takes inspiration from others for us to find our own purpose, and this is where ...