Truth or an unfortunate coincidence? The books that predicted Covid-19

21st September 2020

Hannah Smith investigates whether these literary sensations really did predict the pandemic. “There have been as many plagues as wars in history; yet always plagues and wars take people equally by surprise.” In his 1947 work The Plague, Albert Camus perfectly explains the rather unsurprising reaction of people in such an event as a pandemic. ...

A journal of one’s own

20th September 2020

How journaling can help you unwind and relax during the whirlwind of university life. Entering the world of university can be a tumultuous experience that leaves you running for emotional shelter. Especially in first-year, when socialising is prioritised at the expense of me-time, stopping for a moment and jotting down your thoughts can be vastly ...

The politics of Normal People

18th September 2020

How obvious is Sally Rooney’s Marxism in Normal People? Sally Rooney’s Normal People is not just a story of love, but a story of the effect living within a contemporary capitalist society has on two young people. The novel highlights the social and economic inequalities of the classist system in which we live. Irish novelist ...