Review: The Dig

1st March 2021

Netflix film The Dig tells the story of the discovery of Sutton Hoo. Before 1938, one of the biggest archaeological finds in Britain remained deep under burial mounds on an estate in Ipswich, East Anglia. Curious about what was under these mounds, estate owner Edith Pretty contacted Ipswich Museum in summer 1937, and the following ...

A guide to Britain’s pilgrimage routes

12th November 2020

Hattie Langdon leads us through ancient UK pilgrimage routes. A pilgrimage, by definition, is a journey to a holy place. While pilgrimages are often associated with religion, the motivations for undertaking a pilgrimage vary.  William Parsons, the co-founder of the British Pilgrimage Trust, describes how the origin of the word pilgrimage comes from the Latin ...

Not So Cool Britannia

2nd October 2020

Is Rule Britannia inappropriate for today’s day and age? Should we say goodbye to the controversial patriotic song? Rule Britannia has for generations been the song associated with Britain. Growing up in America, I instantly associated the tune with Squidward and his Big Ben watch; the Queen; and posh White people with ridiculous accents drinking ...