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What if I mess up my lines?

27th February 2023

Has the prevalence of cancel culture online led to more anxiety about saying the wrong thing in person? From Andrew Tate to Ariana Grande, Kanye to Kris, and Elon Musk to Ellen Degeneres, it seems no-one can escape the claws of cancel culture anymore. The existence and increase of this phenomenon has led to a ...

Kanye: Art and the Artist at War

22nd February 2023

It’s a war waging between fan bases with no sole aim or angle: the battlefield of the 21st century. Being able to follow artists we idolise on social media is like having a virtual backstage pass to all their events, all the time. Have you ever been to a gig and seen the artist post ...

Who’s the real threat to freedom of speech on campus?

7th April 2021

Is it possible that government attempts to regulate free speech on campuses could be worse than the apparent ‘cancel culture’ they decry? Last month, the UK government embarked on their latest crusade as the white knights of academic freedom. To address what is being described as a “crisis of free speech” on university campuses, education ...