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Cash incentives or classist incentives?

20th December 2021

Do cash incentives for deferral put students from lower income households at a disadvantage? The statement “students have had a rough year” feels like an understatement. At every level of education, from highschool to university, the nature of the Covid-19 pandemic has posed a series of questions about how we operate our educational system. From ...

Cash or cab: why is getting home so expensive?

20th December 2021

When student safety is being jeopardised, Glasgow needs better taxi services – and we need them now. With most Covid-19 restrictions eased, people are making the most of Glasgow’s nightlife again. Anyone that’s made the most of bars and clubs reopening will probably have noticed that getting a taxi or Uber in Glasgow is exceedingly ...

The University of Glasgow has offered first-year students cash incentives to defer their courses

11th October 2021

Following a record number of students meeting their conditions of offer, the University has offered bursaries in return for deferral. Following a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, The Glasgow Guardian has learnt that the University of Glasgow offered some incoming first-year students set to start their studies in 2021 a £1500 bursary if they deferred ...