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Chat GPT as a meal planner

5th January 2024

Writer Maud Smulders tries planning her meals with ChatGPT for a week We are all familiar with the inevitable panic that arises when you come home from a day of sitting on the floor of the Learning Hub to a fridge that contains half a questionable-looking onion, a block of cheese, and a can of ...

Artificial Intelligence has made itself comfortable at Glasgow University, and we need to learn to adapt to it

12th October 2023

With ChatGPT becoming a household name in university libraries, how are our futures shaping up under its glare? For young people in Scotland, 16 is an important age – you become eligible to vote. The referendum on Scottish independence in 2014 acted as a successful trial for allowing 16 and 17 year olds the opportunity ...

UofG networks record high number of ChatGPT connections

8th September 2023

The number of connections to ChatGPT made via UofG wifi networks raises concerns surrounding its usage in academic work. A freedom of information request revealed that Glasgow University has recorded 150,647 connections from their campus buildings and wi-fi networks to ChatGPT, since May 2023. Robert Gordon University, in Aberdeen, said they were logging an average ...