China’s crackdown on video games

18th December 2021

China decides to take some drastic measures against “internet addiction”, but is it really the right way forward? China now boasts the world’s harshest limits on video games after the state released new regulations for youths on 30 August 2021. Children under the age of 18 are now limited to three hours of screenplay a ...

Spotlight: China at COP26

17th November 2021

What is the CCP’s approach to climate action? Columnist George McClure explores. Greta Thunberg recently published a damning indictment of those countries due to attend COP26 talks. Referring to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report released earlier this year, Thunberg highlights the amount of work, time, and effort required to steer clear of ...

Cracking down on food waste in China

29th September 2020

China is facing a food security crisis, and apparently mukbangs are the problem. Food security concerns triggered by the coronavirus pandemic and flooding have consumed the Chinese government, leading to the formation of the “Clean Plate” campaign. The campaign directly impacts the general population and, to change eating habits, various initiatives including urging restaurants to ...