Connecting with Creative Carbon Scotland

8th May 2021

Limiting culture’s contribution to the climate crisis. When it comes to the issue of sustainability, from the use of environmentally toxic chemicals to excessive material waste, the arts industry is not innocent. The art and culture sector is so widely consumed through media such as television, museums, theatres and advertising; the list is endless. The ...

We need to stop the climate crisis

8th March 2021

No country is doing enough. I am sure we have all been enjoying the latest snowfall: sledging in Kelvingrove, building igloos in your back garden, or being able to wear the salopettes you were wanting to whip out on the cancelled ski trip. But as we continue to see global temperatures rise, snow days could ...

Capitalism is crushing the climate

13th November 2020

David Attenborough has claimed that capitalism must be curbed to restore the natural world. Joe Evans goes one step further, claiming it must be rejected to save our planet. Sir David Attenborough has stated on the BBC environmental podcast “What Planet Are We On?” that the excesses of western countries and the capitalist system should ...