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Is gender-neutral clothing too masculine?

24th December 2021

The gender-neutral section of many retailers looks suspiciously like the men’s section… If you type “gender-neutral clothing” into Google, you will be inundated with tens of thousands of hits – ads, websites, listicles of the 10, 12, 20 best gender-neutral clothing brands, and articles exploring just what gender-neutral clothing actually is? Unisex clothes gives you ...

Who decides the length of your shorts?

5th September 2021

Elena Adams delves into gendered issues surrounding sporting attire and the ridiculous double standards women experience when it comes to choosing what to wear Women’s clothing has always been used as a way to police women and their bodies. Consequently, it’s no surprise that this can be seen in the sporting community, even in the ...

Clothing my conundrum of conscience

8th March 2021

Theatre Editor Ananya Vankatesan looks at the troubles surrounding ethical fashion. I don’t know about you but I love dressing up. I love looking at the mirror, admiring my outfit, and telling myself that I look drop-dead gorgeous. In order for me to do that, I need to buy dresses that I like, outfits that ...