For the millionth time we ask: why do British politics have to be this way?

6th January 2022

Yet another scandal has shown what our country’s politicians can get away with. When exactly is a punishment not a punishment? No, this isn’t a line from Armando Iannucci’s The Thick of It; it’s a question that has, in equal parts, hilariously and tragically dominated our country’s politics. Since 2016, British politics has been akin ...

Do they know there’s a pandemic at all?

24th December 2021

Basilia Weir examines the faults of the UK government throughout the pandemic, highlighting the most recent scandal of the Christmas parties held last year. I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t surprised to learn that the Conservatives had a Christmas party last year when Covid-19 cases were on the rise and indoor socialising was ...

Call me tory; Miss Scum if you’re nasty

17th November 2020

In response to the recent “Tory scum” debacle, our culture columnist Ciara considers whether it is appropriate to insult people on the other side of the political spectrum.  It’s not every day that I condone bullying, but things have changed recently. Is calling Conservatives “scum” a bad move? Well, my initial instinct is to advocate ...