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New study reveals belief in conspiracy theories could peak at age 14

28th February 2021

This study has shed new light on the belief in conspiracies in young persons for the first time. New research involving the University of Glasgow has found that adolescent belief in conspiracy theories is heightened at the age of 14. The study, which involved UofG’s Dr Yvonne Skipper, was published in the British Journal of ...

QAnon – from an online mystery to a real-life crisis

9th November 2020

How conspiracy theories have translated into anti-mask protests. Has someone ever told you that the actors, politicians, and celebrity personalities you know and love are part of a global paedophilic, bloodsucking, autocratic syndicate? If not, you clearly haven’t heard QAnon.  In what seems like a decade ago, the comparatively blissful times of November 2017, YouTube ...