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Mistletoe and wine, consumerism ain’t fine

24th December 2021

Features Columnist Niamh Flanagan emphasises why we need to bin this particular Christmas tradition. We are almost at Christmas day. The festive tension is palpable, Mariah Carey can be heard around every corner you turn, and every other shop window is festooned with red, green and gold. Whether you’re a tree up on the first ...

Pre-owned capitalism: can Depop save the planet?

22nd October 2020

Basilia Weir has some questions about just how sustainable shopping from Depop really is. Being more sustainable means buying my clothes second-hand whenever possible. But, when I peruse the racks at my local charity shops, I’m often met with wooly jumpers, raincoats and orthopaedic slippers – all of which have a certain elderly air to ...