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The 2022 Qatar World Cup: a competition veiled in corruption and cynicism

7th February 2022

Less than 12 months before kick-off, the world looks on, stagnant and bewildered. While no one expected anything different from the ghouls at FIFA, it continues to remain an enduring discomfiture, that over a decade after their decision to grant the 2022 World Cup to Qatar, amongst widespread global indifference, the tournament remains on course ...

The media and Afghanistan: a consistent theme of corruption

5th September 2021

How mainstream media has failed in its reporting of Afghanistan’s unfolding crisis Over the summer I worked as an intern for the consulate of The Republic of Afghanistan, at a time where the country underwent a tumultuous overturn. Every day my routine tasks included reading out and highlighting important headlines and news articles. I flipped through ...

The Weeknd, The Grammys, and award show corruption: Oh My!

12th December 2020

As a result of The Weeknd’s unfair Grammy snub, we take a look at the corrupt nature of the music award ceremony, from the Grammys, to the VMA’s, to the Brits; if they can’t fairly dish out awards … is there any point in award shows? On 24 November, the much-anticipated Grammy nominees were announced. ...