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Russia’s war on Ukraine: An expert perspective

6th April 2022

Political Communication lecturer Dr Joanna Szostek provides students with a guide to understand the conflict – and how to respond. Understanding a conflict of this magnitude is not easy. With so many tense complications and geo-political implications, the Russian-Ukrainian crisis is arguably the most damaging conflict in Europe since the Cold War.  In times of ...

World Changers in Focus: February

27th February 2022

A deep dive into the world-changing research by Team UofG. February research projects at the University of Glasgow continue to stand in the tradition of academic excellence. Ground-breaking progress in the fields of climate sustainability, cancer research, net-zero manufacturing and global business strategies present an obvious headline for this edition of World Changers: this university ...

The tumultuous game: investigating football club’s relationship with their fans

19th December 2021

Are clubs finally beginning to recognise the detachment from their fans? Perhaps.  The relationship between sports clubs and fans remains an ever-increasing source of conflict in the modern era, as many professional associations and club hierarchies seek to detach their ambitions and targets from the bread-and-butter aspirations of the every-day fan. Nearly all professional sports ...