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I want you to read my diary

1st February 2022

Is it a cardinal sin to read another’s diary? Writer Constance Roisin contemplates for whose eyes the author truly intends to write. A friend of mine (in fact my old babysitter) kept a diary after breaking up with her girlfriend. In it she wrote long and sincere entries about her heartbreak. Then, one day, she ...

New Year’s resolutions: helpful or harmful?

2nd January 2022

Sports Editor Claire Thomson discusses why we don’t need to worry about becoming the best version of ourselves every January.   It’s that time of year again, when we all wave goodbye to the past 12 months and open ourselves up to whatever lies ahead of us. For some, it is a time to reflect on ...

COP diaries: day two

7th November 2021

Day two inside COP26, and The Glasgow Guardian sees some famous faces. Day 2: Monday 1 November Told to meet at the “media meeting point” for 11.15am on the first proper day of the conference, turning up at 9am seemed like a good plan. What I hadn’t accounted for, however, was the sheer volume of ...