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Does the UK have a transphobia problem?

2nd March 2021

One writer discusses some of the institutional barriers faced by trans people in the UK.  Transphobia exists in many forms. It can be deliberate, demonstrated through bullying, abuse, and violence, or it can be indirect, ingrained in institutions such as the NHS, universities, schools, and the police. Stonewall, a UK LGBTQ+ charity, report that 42% ...

Finding self-acceptance as a double minority

23rd February 2021

In honour of LGBTQ+ history month, Alexander Benjamin discusses the particular prejudices he has experienced as a Black man in the gay community. While I’m now an out and proud member of the LBGTQ+ community, this hasn’t always been the case. Torn apart by family’s expectations regarding sexuality, masculinity, and religion on one side, and ...

Training introduced in UofG Medical School to tackle discrimination

23rd February 2021

The Active Bystander Training is a new part of the curriculum developed by staff with student input. Medical students are to receive practical Active Bystander Training in March as a new part of their curriculum focuses on tackling racism and discrimination.  University of Glasgow medical students have had compulsory Active Bystander Training added to their ...