Seaspiracy has a poorly-cast investigative net

23rd April 2021

Despite addressing the shocking causes of ocean life decimation, Seaspiracy’s rhetorical methods distract from its potential revelations.  Seaspiracy seeks to document the profound impact of commercial fishing within our oceans, attracting multiple celebrity endorsements, trendy Instagram posts and plaudits from fans with its damning depiction of the harm the industry does to ocean life. Offeri...

Review: Dick Johnson is Dead

10th December 2020

Kirstin Johnson’s documentary is a bizarre and profoundly moving meditation on death, grief, and the incomprehensibility of losing a loved one. In Dick Johnson is Dead, documentarian Kirstin Johnson attempts to reconcile herself with the fact that her father is slowly dying…by killing him. Multiple times. Through staging a series of fictionalised “deaths”, reminiscent of ...