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Does the depletion of Gaelic in Scotland dilute Scottish culture?

7th December 2021

Should we let Gaelic lie in its grave with Latin and Greek? Or should we do our best to keep it alive in Scottish culture? On 7 March 2021, 93-year-old Vera Timoshenko passed away in the Kamchatka Krai region of Russia. In her, Bering Aleut – a dialect of Eskimo-Aleut – lost not only its ...

Does age difference count?

23rd November 2021

Ishani Mukherjee discusses why age isn’t the most important factor in a relationship. I remember people in my halls obsessing over the relationship that Emmanuel Macron shared with his partner, gasping at the 25-year age difference. I couldn’t help but wonder – does an age gap really matter in a relationship? As long as we ...

Does the University owe us anything?

22nd November 2021

Reporter Janka Deák breaks down the University’s duty of care for its students. CW: suicide  The recent criticisms levied at accommodation services and the University of Glasgow’s handling of the overflow of student applicants raise an issue not usually at the forefront of students’ minds: does the University owe us support services, or is the ...