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Winter Olympics doping scandal: Another slippery slope for the Russian Olympic Committee

8th March 2022

Russian Olympic Committee skating on thin ice once again following doping scandals at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. The history of Russia at the Olympics is troubled. Participating first as the Russian Empire, they later competed as the Soviet Union, Unified Team, Russia and finally, following the 2017 state-sponsored doping scandal uncovered in the ...

The trouble with microtrends

18th February 2022

Dorota Dziki outlines the harms caused by the rapid trend cycles perpetuated by Youtube and Tiktok. Microtrends, or short-lived trends, are a plague on the fashion industry, reinforced by huge try-on hauls popular on TikTok and Youtube. Thanks to fast-fashion brands such as Shein, AliExpress and Pretty Little Thing, dupes of expensive and excessive amounts ...

Romantic book tropes that need to stop

18th December 2021

Photography and Illustrations Manager Dorota Dziki talks us through the romantic book tropes that would be undoubtedly creepy if they happened in real life. The unfortunate reality of trying to enjoy a good book is that there most likely will be some sort of creepy or weird romance or romantic trope forced upon us to ...