Drinking the deadlines away

6th February 2021

As we make our way through dry January, one student shares their experience of just how damaging the alcohol-dependent student stereotype can be. In the pre-Covid era, and perhaps even more problematically in this Covid era, the stereotypical life of a university student revolves around alcohol. This stereotype covers various different things from party-induced binge ...

UofG research finds swapping beer and spirits for red wine with food lowers risk of disease

28th January 2021

The cohort study found that spirits, beer and cider are associated with higher death rates, disease and injury compared to red wine. Research at the University of Glasgow has investigated the effects of differing patterns of alcohol consumption, finding that red wine is more beneficial in the long-term than spirits and beer, and that eating ...

Lockdown sees smoking decreased but an increase in alcohol consumption and psychological distress

12th October 2020

A study led by the University of Glasgow has analysed trends during early lockdown. A recently published study led by the University of Glasgow has shown that during the Covid-19 lockdown saw alcohol consumption increase, whilst smoking declined. The study analysed trends in mental health and changes in associated behaviours during the first month of ...