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Conceptual art: profound or elitist?

26th January 2024

Conceptual art gets a bad rep, but maybe we shouldn’t write it off just yet. Conceptual art, as a movement, genre, or idea, is inherently hard to pin down, not least of all because so many conceptual artists deliberately attempt to work in opposition to boundaries or rules. The origin of conceptual art is generally ...

Introduction to modernism

19th December 2022

Eleni gives us a whistle stop tour of the ethos of modern art. What constitutes a successful artist is completely different to what it was in previous centuries. Before the modernist movement, technical skills were paramount. Artists had to emulate portraits and landscapes exactly, and art was often about recording history, such as paintings of ...

There’s no such thing as bad art

20th November 2022

Eve explores whether we should narrow our palette of consumption in the name of objectivity. After his painting Nude Descending a Staircase No.2 (1912) was rejected from the Salon des Indépendants, Marcel Duchamp became a founding member of the Society of Independent Artists in New York. This group guaranteed to accept every submission sent to ...