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Antidepressants and me

20th December 2022

Becca Luke shares her experiences with antidepressants, and discusses the stigma that still surrounds them. Antidepressants saved my life. Whilst I find myself joking about my “dependency” on a box of happy little pills and I acknowledge that by no means were they a miracle, overnight, magic pill, Mirtazapine gave me my life back. When ...

This year, let’s change the eating disorder discourse

6th January 2022

Editor-in-Chief Lucy Dunn discusses the fluctuation of the weight-loss and body-positive rhetorics ever-present at New Year, and suggests, instead, body indifference should be our aspiration. CW: eating disorders Yesterday was the “hangriest day of the year” for Glasgwegians, according to new WW* research. How so? Because, following New Year’s resolutions, more than a third of ...

Counting calories and the road to recovery

25th April 2021

Following the tragic news of Nikki Graeme’s death, our Deputy News Editor Lucy shares her own eating disorder experience and discusses what the health service and society need to do better to support sufferers. Content warning: eating disorders, mental health For the last five years, I’ve struggled through an eating disorder. I find it hard ...