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Review: Echo and the Bunnymen @ Barrowland Ballroom

22nd March 2022

A celebration of 40 years in the industry that demonstrates the band’s utter timelessness. Few bands can match the rich history of the Barrowland Ballroom quite like Echo and the Bunnymen. The night is appropriately nostalgic, with a sold-out crowd jostling in anticipation of the Liverpudlians’ 40 year anniversary celebration. Four decades of consistent musicianship ...

Will Sergeant: ‘People can disagree, but it’s my story’

1st December 2021

Music Editor Fred Bruce discusses musical experimentation and time travel with legendary Echo & The Bunnymen guitarist Will Sergeant. Few bands can claim a discography as evocative and enduring as Echo & The Bunnymen. From humble beginnings in 1970s Liverpool, the band’s wild soundscapes and gothic theatricality are as breathtaking now as they were 40 ...