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Clocking Out: Chasing the Dream of a Four-Day Workweek in the 21st Century

24th February 2024

Writer Leonard Hockerts looks into the social and political issues associated with adopting a 4 day work week – and whether it is somewhat inevitable. In the 1930s, economist John Maynard Keynes famously predicted that, by around 2030, a 15-hour workweek would be the norm. It is now 2023, and in the UK the average ...

Why are we not voting to save the planet?

28th January 2024

As the General Election looms, it appears the economy is more important to voters than the environment, despite the urgency of the climate crisis. 2023 was confirmed to be the world’s hottest year on record, with a streak of 116 days breaking daily records for global air temperatures. With a General Election imminent within the ...

Liberté, égalité, pandémie

21st September 2021

Writer Ross McCool gets philosophical about Covid-19 and how it has affected our agency and freedom Covid-19 has brought drastic change and calamity to the modern world. Within the United Kingdom, the public have not faced such curtails to personal freedom since the Second World War. From the introduction of the largest lockdown procedures that ...