Researchers say group learning pods can help children

12th October 2020

Study shows five families can form “learning pods” if schools close again. University of Glasgow’s Institute of Health and Wellbeing have created the “Scottish Model for Safe Education” with four Scottish Borders primary schools.  The study highlights the immense pressure that parents were under during the lockdown that began in March 2020, and suggests in ...

A little more conversation, a little less STIs

19th September 2020

To help us all stay protected, Hailie Pentleton gives us a clear guide to STIs and how to prevent yourself from contracting them. Sex education in Scottish schools is far from perfect. Whilst the Scottish government has published guidance for how these topics should be addressed in state schools, delivery is not compulsory. Faith schools, ...

Our education shouldn’t be first come first served

13th September 2020

Views Columnist Rachel Campbell discusses the unfairness of MyCampus enrollment after it crashed again this year. Enrolment: every year it brings the same issues. Yet this year they are more concerning than ever. As we enter an academic year which promises an unprecedented amount of online teaching and learning, it doesn’t inspire confidence to think ...