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Greek Myth Mania

28th March 2023

More than villains, victims and wives, Ellen Ruddell examines retellings of the female myth. Firmly cemented as the powerhouses of modern Greek myth retellings, Madeline Miller, author of the tremendously successful Circe and The Song of Achilles and Jennifer Saint, author of Ariadne continue to ride the cultural wave, tridents in hand. Despite ostensibly being ...

Let’s get over the stigma of polyamory

18th March 2022

Writer Ellen Ruddell explores what constitutes polyamory, and why this relationship alternative needs to be better understood. Although polyamory as a practice has long-existed at the outskirts of our society, with images of harem-like relationships and fundamentalist sister-wives dominating the cultural perception of non-monogamy, growing openness and fluid dating preferences has contributed to a...