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The ethics of oversharing

21st April 2022

CW: themes of abuse and eating disorders Writer Charlotte Christian analyses the rise of oversharing and “trauma dumping” on social media, and discusses the implications for the mental health of younger generations. Internet culture can seem all consuming in a post-lockdown world that has seen the explosion of everyone’s new favourite social media site TikTok ...

Clothing my conundrum of conscience

8th March 2021

Theatre Editor Ananya Vankatesan looks at the troubles surrounding ethical fashion. I don’t know about you but I love dressing up. I love looking at the mirror, admiring my outfit, and telling myself that I look drop-dead gorgeous. In order for me to do that, I need to buy dresses that I like, outfits that ...

The ethical decisions behind Covid-19

25th February 2021

There are not always the resources to treat everybody, so who should be saved? We are living not only in a climate crisis, a health crisis, and an economic crisis: we also have the less mainstream ethical crisis to contend with of choosing who and what gets treated during this pandemic. The ethics of healthcare ...