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The Idol: Sam Levinson and the monetisation of controversy

29th March 2023

A potentially progressive project has been undermined by the pursuit of vanity and greed. The creator of Euphoria, Sam Levinson, has taken over as director for The Idol, with results that seem to have already proven controversial, according to the Rolling Stone’s exclusive conversations with crew members. The show, starring Lily Rose Depp and The ...

Fashion on Film: Euphoria

17th November 2021

Lorna Doyle explains why Euphoria emboldened her to make braver fashion choices. Lauded as Gen Z’s answer to Skins, HBO’s 2019 drama Euphoria lives up to the style of the classic teen drama rooted in the extremes of sex, drugs, depression, and an accompanying sense of impending doom. Euphoria was the first instance of mainstream ...