eve connor

Eyes on the prize: Oscar 2022 predictions

26th March 2022

Ahead of the Oscars ceremony this weekend, Eve considers the prospects of victory for the nominated pictures. The 94th Academy Awards will be taking place this weekend, pitting some of the best films released this year against each other. The relevance (or lack thereof) of awards ceremonies is an ongoing debate and it’s hard to ...

Are ‘soft’ subjects for the rich?

16th November 2021

Writer Eve Connor discusses why undertaking “soft” degrees should not be reserved for the most privileged students. What constitutes a “soft” subject? It’s hard to say, although if you’ve ever been derisively asked “what are you going to do with that?” after revealing your degree course name, you may be studying one. Implicit in this ...

A book to make you jump

23rd October 2021

Eve Connor describes why Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves is the perfect book to accompany spooky season. Wintery nights are the perfect time to be wrapped in blankets, shivering not just from the cold, but from the spine-chilling horror novel in your lap. If you want to be not just spooked or scared, but ...