‘Study drugs’ prevalent in UK universities including Glasgow

30th January 2022

Following a recent investigation by The Times, which discovered the prevalence of “study drugs” being taken across UK universities, The Glasgow Guardian conducted a survey which looked at use of these nootropics, or cognitive enhancers, at Glasgow. Study drugs were found by The Times to be taken to improve academic performance and work through exam ...

College of Social Science students want online exams and in-person seminars survey finds

11th October 2021

The survey results for a study looking at students’ responses to online learning during the 2020/21 academic session have been published this month, showing a consensus within the student body what changes should stay. The College of Social Science (CoSS) conducted a survey of 2700 respondents focusing on student experience during the last academic year, ...

Ten percent makes all the difference

5th October 2020

Katrina Williams explores whether seminar participation grades hinder students more than help them. We’ve all had the same experience. Crammed into a tiny seminar room around a miniscule table with barely any room to push back your chair – a claustrophobic feeling beaten only by the unflinching expectation weighing down on your shoulders that, at ...