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Is activism burnout inescapable?

5th May 2021

Sophie Gorman explores what to do when the news and social media make activism feel all too much. “Doom scrolling” is a term that gained popularity during 2020, meaning consuming a large quantity of negative news online all at once. It’s hard to avoid this feeling of the world being a terrifyingly unjust place when ...

Zoom-free Fridays for all!

30th April 2021

We are all feeling Zoom fatigue – maybe it’s time to take a break. One thing we can say for certain is that Zoom has been the saving grace of this pandemic. It has allowed us to continue to live a somewhat normal life whether that is studying, working, or socialising. However, over a year ...

Fighting pandemic fatigue: we can’t get complacent

10th November 2020

It’s tempting to abandon pandemic precautions, but we have to resist the urge.  When the first few cases reached Scottish shores, my partner and I began shielding informally, just a week before they officially called lockdown. He’s high risk, I’m hyper-vigilant by nature; it made sense. I quickly developed the habit of calling on my ...