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The gym is my double-edged sword

19th February 2023

From the fear of the gym to gym addiction, writer Isaac unpacks the thoughts and feelings that many of us experience when going to the gym. The word ‘gym’ will resonate differently with each person. For me, it is a double-edged sword, a place that can produce both highs and lows. I have always enjoyed ...

Phobophobia: the fear of fears

24th October 2021

A look at fears, how to live with them, and how to overcome them. The spooky month has arrived: ghouls, ghosts, devils, and evil pumpkins will be round every corner by its end. The real scare factor, though, generally isn’t Ross’ Spudnik costume. For many of us, our personal phobias trickle a far greater terror ...

Lowest-paid University staff fear changes to employment conditions could see huge losses

20th July 2021

Unite the Union members demonstrate outside James McCune Smith Building at University’s “fire and rehire”-style practices At midday on Tuesday 13 July, members of Unite the Union and staff at the University of Glasgow gathered outside the new state-of-the-art James McCune Smith Building to protest against the University’s “fire and rehire”-style employment policy that is ...