How can Indigenous knowledge help us fight the climate crisis?

20th November 2021

Writer Rebecca Brimble discusses the importance of Indigenous knowledge in guiding decisions made following COP26. The preservation and use of Inuit Indigenous knowledge (Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit or ‘IQ’) is essential for effective, efficient, and just implementation of the Paris Agreement. Following COP26, it is imperative that world leaders adopt an indigenised approach to climate change law....

We’re fighting the same fight: collectivism in the climate crisis

13th November 2021

Views Columnist Jeevan Farthing reviews Friends of the Earth’s pop-up exhibition, which draws on similarities between the effects of the climate crisis everywhere, but which also depict’s the strength of humanity’s ever-guiding light: hope. Living 10 minutes away from COP26 hasn’t fostered my engagement with it. The plethora of bollards, railings and police motorbikes physicall...

‘Fight like hell’: Inside Glasgow’s Youth March for Climate Justice

29th September 2021

Climate protesters march through the streets of Glasgow weeks before the city will host the UN Climate Change Conference On Friday, 24 September, the voices of approximately 1,000 mask-wearing protesters rang loudly through the streets of Glasgow, as activists of all ages marched from Kelvingrove Park to George Square in support of Fridays for Future’s ...