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Fighting gender-based violence is not a ‘trend’

18th November 2021

Iona Murfitt discusses the negative effects of activism trends regarding women’s rights. Women are murdered and violated every day – we see it in the news, hear it from our friends and scroll past it on our social media feeds. It doesn’t matter where you are, or how old you are: identifying as a woman ...

We’re fighting the same fight: collectivism in the climate crisis

13th November 2021

Views Columnist Jeevan Farthing reviews Friends of the Earth’s pop-up exhibition, which draws on similarities between the effects of the climate crisis everywhere, but which also depict’s the strength of humanity’s ever-guiding light: hope. Living 10 minutes away from COP26 hasn’t fostered my engagement with it. The plethora of bollards, railings and police motorbikes physicall...