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Mildew, must and mould, oh my!

7th January 2023

Your how-to guide for managing mould in student rentals. In a cost-of-living crisis where simply popping the heating on isn’t feasible, it’s more important than ever that we know our rights when it comes to mould in our rentals throughout the colder months. Glasgow University Student Tenants Union are here to share their advice on ...

Woodlands ‘slum’ flats to be taken over by Glasgow City Council

4th September 2020

4-6 Melrose Street saw two students die in a fire in March 1999 and have since deteriorated into an empty slum, resulting in a Compulsory Purchase Order by the council. A block of tenement flats in the Woodlands area are to be bought by the Glasgow City Council after the building has fallen into disrepair.  ...