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“Women, Life, Freedom”: Fighting for Iran’s future from the streets of Glasgow

1st December 2022

Features Editor Athina Bohner speaks to dozens of Iranian anti-regime protesters demanding freedom for Iran. On 19 November 2022, impassioned voices demanding “freedom for Iran” engulfed the streets of Glasgow, as over 1,000 protesters of all generations marched from Kelvingrove Park to Glasgow Green. While proudly singing pro-democracy songs in Farsi and waving Iranian flags ...

COP26 gave me freedom again

12th December 2021

A compelling account of the disabled experience of attending classes during COP26. COP26 was, in many ways, the best and worst thing for me as a disabled person. An event where global leaders and the world’s biggest thinkers come together to come up with the perfect solution to fix a disastrous climate problem? You would ...

Liberté, égalité, pandémie

21st September 2021

Writer Ross McCool gets philosophical about Covid-19 and how it has affected our agency and freedom Covid-19 has brought drastic change and calamity to the modern world. Within the United Kingdom, the public have not faced such curtails to personal freedom since the Second World War. From the introduction of the largest lockdown procedures that ...