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You are never too small to make a difference

30th November 2021

The Glasgow Guardian chats to local secondary school climate activists about COP26 and their mission to educate people on the climate crisis through social media. On Friday 5 November, Glasgow’s streets were taken by a storm in the form of 25,000* activists of all ages calling on world leaders to take the necessary steps to ...

Thousands take to the streets for Fridays for Future Glasgow

7th November 2021

The march set off from Kelvingrove Park and ended with a speech by Greta Thunberg in George Square. On Friday, 5 November, over 30,000 activists of all ages took to the streets of Glasgow to protest the climate crisis. The march started at 11:00am in Kelvingrove Park and ended in George Square. The day was ...

How to stay safe during COP26 protests

7th November 2021

 If you’re taking to the streets to campaign for climate justice, make sure you know your rights. The beginning of COP26 has incited a wave of environmental protests in Glasgow, with people of all ages and backgrounds taking to the streets to campaign for climate justice, legal change and government intervention. The issue of protest ...