How to make pals in a pandemic

27th October 2020

Caitlin Martin offers some advice on making friends at university amid restrictions. In normal times, starting university is a magical rite of passage full of opportunities to meet those lifelong uni friends you were promised. Freshers’ Week is portrayed as the ultimate coming of age sequence, with the promise that those first few days away ...

Vent to views

15th October 2020

 Your questions answered by our Views Editors. I’m going into my first year now and I’m still a virgin. I always assumed I’d just lose it to a randomer in Freshers’ Week and get it over with, but obviously with the current situation that’s looking a bit impossible. I’m really stressing about the idea of ...

Drunken rambles or a cry for help?

20th September 2020

Sometimes a drunken conversation is the first step to getting help. Orla Brady shares some advice for navigating tough conversations with friends while under the influence. All of us who enjoy a tipple or two have been there. Waking up in the morning and remembering the hazy conversations from the night before. Then, all of ...