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Review: The Seal Woman @ Harbour Arts Centre

16th October 2022

Writer Elspeth makes the trip down to Irvine to review the Scots Opera Project’s production of the ‘Celtic Folk Opera’. Anyone familiar with Nordic or Celtic folk tales will be aware of the legend of the selkies, or the ‘seal folk’: part seal, part human creatures who shed their seal skins a few times a ...

Does the depletion of Gaelic in Scotland dilute Scottish culture?

7th December 2021

Should we let Gaelic lie in its grave with Latin and Greek? Or should we do our best to keep it alive in Scottish culture? On 7 March 2021, 93-year-old Vera Timoshenko passed away in the Kamchatka Krai region of Russia. In her, Bering Aleut – a dialect of Eskimo-Aleut – lost not only its ...

From archaic to famous, the new rise of Gaelic

24th December 2020

Examining the sudden popularity surrounding a once dying language. In July of this year, The Guardian released an article casting a very gloomy cloud over the Gaelic speaking community, titled “Scots Gaelic could die out within a decade.” The article went on to describe how Gaelic is only used routinely by a “diminishing number of ...