Recommendations for exploring Glasgow’s post-lockdown art scene

28th April 2021

Glasgow galleries and museums reopening from 26 April. Art galleries and museums have been given the go-ahead to reopen in Scotland from the 26 April. While we might all be more interested in the (admittedly more exciting) prospect of being able to enjoy a draught pint again, I would encourage everyone to put a visit ...

The age of the online viewing room

14th March 2021

 Archie Gibbs dissects the remote gallery experience. More on the “hate it” side of the marmite pendulum, the online viewing room (OVR) seems an inescapable, yet necessary, evil. Deputising the in-person exhibition which is currently on an intermittent hiatus, I do foresee a future for this distributive method stretching beyond the pandemic. A decentralised, easily ...

The gallery experience in a post-lockdown world

21st October 2020

A perspective on new possibilities for viewing art.  Have you ever heard that charming saying; “take me to a gallery and kiss me between the paintings”? That is the dream for us art lovers. But what if now your partner, friend or Tinder date can’t kiss you between a Michelangelo and a Raphael, an Andy ...