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The tumultuous game: investigating football club’s relationship with their fans

19th December 2021

Are clubs finally beginning to recognise the detachment from their fans? Perhaps.  The relationship between sports clubs and fans remains an ever-increasing source of conflict in the modern era, as many professional associations and club hierarchies seek to detach their ambitions and targets from the bread-and-butter aspirations of the every-day fan. Nearly all professional sports ...

The vaccine game: sport’s next hurdle

3rd December 2021

As the sports industry looks set to bounce back, Jordan Hunter looks at the fight over the jab. As any true fan, I was checking the news the other week looking at the injury updates and the latest with my beloved Green Bay Packers when I got an alert: star QB (quarterback) Aaron Rodgers out ...

Cricketing Calamity: A different game in a post Covid-19 world

15th October 2021

What India wants, India gets. Chaos in the cricketing world ensues, as India call off the fifth test.  On 10 September, the morning of what was scheduled to be the first day of the fifth test, the English and Indian cricket boards released statements declaring the match cancelled. Citing an outbreak of Covid-19 in the ...