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Confessions of a first-time gamer

13th March 2021

Why is the gaming world so inaccessible? Probably my earliest memory of video games is from when I was about six, curled up on the couch next to my dad, struggling to keep my eyes open so I could keep them peeled for any Pikmin being left behind (or eaten). My dad still has a ...

This is not a game

7th February 2021

How the worldwide gaming phenomenon of ARGs died without fanfare. Let me set the scene: the year is 2004. In the UK, The X Factor finds its first winner in Steve Brookstein (I had to look him up, too). In Florida, a man flirts with death by waiting for a call at a payphone while ...

Imposter syndrome: games to enjoy during quarantine

15th October 2020

Spaceship murders and battle-royale physics-fun are both perfect ways to link up with buddies during Covid-19. Recently, talking with the manager of a West End supermarket, I was told that their higher-ups in London are so convinced that another lockdown is on the cards that shops have already begun to stockpile toilet paper. This made ...