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Genre trouble: niche or needless?

9th May 2022

Are increasingly specific genre divides a help or a hindrance? he music listening process, whether through vinyl or a streaming service, finds that each sound is distinguished by its correspondence to a genre or musical period. From rock and punk to pop and grime, we find ourselves unconsciously guided by the existing structures in music ...

Best of both worlds: Miley Cyrus, popstar or rockstar?

5th December 2020

From teen pop-princess to a post-twerk, Cranberries-covering punk, Lucy takes a look at Miley’s career. Miley Cyrus’ recent array of performances, including a body of Metallica covers and swift announcement of a forthcoming rock album entitled Plastic Hearts, left some excited and others sceptical at her alteration of style. I attest that this duality is not ...