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How far is too far? The legacy of J.K. Rowling

1st February 2023

When will J.K. Rowling’s publishers let her go? From Amnesty International researcher, to struggling writer, to multi-millionaire best-seller, to anti-trans activist, J.K. Rowling has written some pretty influential pieces in her time. After The Philosopher’s Stone was originally rejected by a number of publishers, the large independent indie press Bloomsbury took a chance on Rowling ...

A tradition is born: Harry Potter

20th December 2021

Features Columnist Margaret Hartness explores the reasons for the seasonal attraction of the Harry Potter franchise. Tradition – a simple word but a universal concept with so much emotion, history, and pride attached to it. If we were to pair its dictionary definition with a picture, Christmas appears to be worthy of the mantle. Ripe ...

Sport of the month: Quidditch

2nd November 2020

Amy Pope explains the game of muggle quidditch, and encourages others to join the movement.  Many fans of the Potterverse will recall the main sport of the franchise fondly, although the specifics of the rules may be a little… fuzzy. Knowledge of Harry Potter or love for the wizarding world is not a requirement for ...