health and wellbeing

This year, let’s change the eating disorder discourse

6th January 2022

Editor-in-Chief Lucy Dunn discusses the fluctuation of the weight-loss and body-positive rhetorics ever-present at New Year, and suggests, instead, body indifference should be our aspiration. CW: eating disorders Yesterday was the “hangriest day of the year” for Glasgwegians, according to new WW* research. How so? Because, following New Year’s resolutions, more than a third of ...

Should we all be (perfect) vegans?

14th October 2021

Editor-in-Chief Lucy Dunn explores the all or nothing attitude many have when it comes to animal products. When I was in my second year of university, I decided, one lent, that I was going to become completely vegan. Being (mostly) vegetarian anyway, it wasn’t the biggest of deals, and after having watched and naively believed ...

NUS calls for additional support for students isolating

5th October 2020

Calls for consideration for student health and wellbeing have been made following the rise in numbers of students self-isolating. The National Union of Students Scotland (NUS Scotland) has made a call for additional support to be in place for students self-isolating. Matt Crilly, the NUS Scotland president, made a statement on the matter: “It is ...