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British Universities are at breaking point

11th October 2023

How have universities managed to accrue too much and too little money at the same time? Another day at university, another picket line at the main gate. For many of us, this has become a familiar sight – especially those who already went through it last year, and the year before, experiencing marking boycotts and ...

Editorial: Higher education is in crisis, the University must act

11th September 2023

The decisions of administration this academic year will be fundamental to the student experience. Freshers’ week is once more upon us at the University of Glasgow, and with it comes for many of you a fresh start – perhaps you’re a fresher leaving your hometown to embark upon your university journey, or a returning student ...

UCU report finds sexual violence is ‘commonplace’ in higher education

30th January 2022

The 4,000-participant report mapped patterns of sexual violence over the last five years. The UCU sexual violence task group finds that 10% of survey participants of almost 4,000 respondents have “directly experienced workplace sexual violence in the past five years”, and 70% of these respondents experienced it as “an ongoing pattern of behaviour”. Those most ...