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Disability History Month: Looking to the future

9th January 2021

Beth Dillon, co-founder of the LUNA project, reflects on Disability History Month, her experiences as a disabled student, and looks towards a more accessible future. This past month has been Disability History Month, a time to celebrate the achievements of disabled people and promote the continuation of the movement for disability rights. There have been ...

Campaign launched to protect the Tobacco Merchant’s House

9th November 2020

The Scottish Civic Trust’s “Written in Stone” campaign is looking to establish a capital fund to cover the cost of future repair work and preserve the historic building. The Scottish Civic Trust has announced a new campaign to protect Glasgow’s Tobacco Merchants House. The “Written in Stone” campaign was launched on 12 October 2020 and ...

Teaching history through theatre

26th October 2020

Sharing the stories of minority groups on stage. In As You Like It, Shakespeare famously quoted: “all the world’s a stage”. While this sombre metaphor has echoed through the arts for decades, the physical stage should also reflect the world and everyone in it. This year has witnessed mass civil rights movements in the aftermath ...