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Homelessness in Glasgow- what can be done?

10th February 2024

Glasgow has the second most homeless people in the UK- why is that and what can be done? Homelessness is a social issue that is widely discussed throughout society, the news, newspapers, and in academia. It is an issue that constantly needs addressing due to the state of the legal system implemented in the UK. ...

Freshers ‘abandoned’ as Glasgow University fails to house all new students

3rd September 2021

First year students housed miles away in Paisley with others facing “homelessness” The University of Glasgow has failed to house all first year students, leaving many without guaranteed accommodation a week before freshers’ week. Applications for student halls were greater than the University had planned for, following an “unprecedented demand for the forthcoming year”...

The other pandemic: homelessness

31st January 2021

Looking at the issue from the perspective of those who suffer from it. It is absurd that today in Scotland, there are people who still live without a home, sitting on the side of the street, forced to ask for food and spare change. It’s even more alarming that we don’t find this anything out ...