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“Climate change can be solved”: Gordon Brown’s hopeful approach to the environment 

11th October 2023

According to a discussion with Gordon Brown and Michael Spence which took place at the University, the climate emergency is solvable, as long as we work together.  On Friday 29 September, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, along with economist Michael Spence, spoke at the University of Glasgow, to promote their new book: Permacrisis: A Plan ...

We’re fighting the same fight: collectivism in the climate crisis

13th November 2021

Views Columnist Jeevan Farthing reviews Friends of the Earth’s pop-up exhibition, which draws on similarities between the effects of the climate crisis everywhere, but which also depict’s the strength of humanity’s ever-guiding light: hope. Living 10 minutes away from COP26 hasn’t fostered my engagement with it. The plethora of bollards, railings and police motorbikes physicall...

Spring has sprung

9th April 2021

The longer days and better weather are edging in, so writer Zein Al-Maha Oweis is sharing some of her favourite things about spring we can look forward to as lockdown restrictions begin to ease. The days are getting longer and the sunlight is beginning to shine bright on Glasgow again, so it looks like we’re ...