Review: Saint Maud

2nd November 2020

Saint Maud is an uncomfortable yet mesmerising horror experience that is equal parts shocking and sorrowful. Watching the trailer for the bleak and grisly psycho-horror Saint Maud you’d easily be led to believe that it was a simple possession story. The film is interspersed with the genre hallmarks — there are indeed floating bodies, strange ...

Cult v cultured

27th October 2020

Does the prestige horror trend mark a shift in the genre, or are we just more willing to engage critically with these films when they’re photographed well? Horror has never been highbrow, but since films such as Get Out and A Quiet Place, a new form of horror film has made it into the mainstream: ...

The story of horror theatre

22nd October 2020

A search for a truly scream-worthy theatrical experience. Truthfully speaking, I am not good with horror. Predictable jump-scares have caused me to flinch so violently injuries have been sustained. I am no longer invited to horror movie nights with friends as apparently screaming and hiding under the duvet isn’t appropriate behaviour from the “supervising adult”. ...